Everything we do at CFK focuses on quality of instruction, safety, and effectiveness. Therefore, graduation from the On-Ramp Program is required for entry into our classes.

The Program is curriculum-based and emphasizes exposure to the basic movements, correct form, proper technique, full range of motion, intensity, & skill development. Sessions are approximately 1 hour, includes a warm-up and a workout at the end.

Included in the curriculum: squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push jerk, thruster, deadlift, sumo deadlift, hi-pull, kettlebell swing, clean, and snatch. List is not all-inclusive.

Interested in joining the On-Ramp?  Schedule a Free Trial.  During the Free Trial you get a sample of what CFK is all about and our CFK Coach(es) will assess which On-Ramp Program is right for you, based on your fitness needs and your athletic level.

Private/ Semi 1:1 at $300.00  Sessions are 1-on-1.  You set the dates & times for sessions.  Minimum of 6 sessions, CFK Coach will determine if additional sessions are required.  Sessions must be completed within 3 weeks.

On-Ramp Test Out
$50.00 + HST

Test is pass or fail. You MUST have CrossFit & some Olympic Weightlifting experience. A pass will graduate you to CrossFit Classes and a fail will require you to make up the deficiencies with private sessions ($50 /hr). Eligibility for the Test is determined by a CFK Coach.